Observational Sculpture

Hello world, first (serious) post here!! About the wonderful observational task that Neil Manning has asked us to do. I have just finished the final piece after a long time deciding on the layout of the piece. It started out as three seperate objects which in the end coallesced into one ultimate hanging mobile piece thing: which I am very happy with. 

The piece is meant to be inspired by the Constructivist movement, which involves new techniques to build sculptures meaning they could be assembled very fast. Neil wanted us to take inspiration from this movement and construct sculptures from observation. At first this was extremely difficult but when we, as a class, loosened up it became easier.

Here’s some photos of the different layouts and ideas I went through (with the help and advice from others in the class).


And this is my final piece which I cannot rotate as I do not know how yet.

But yeah, good times, had some laughs, eh

over and out