yes, it is review season, similar to the rabbit hunting season and duck hunting season you may have seen in looney tunes. But as supposed to most people I am extremely excited about the prospect of getting our work looked at and getting feedback. If there’s one thing you need to know about me, its that I don’t live off food and air, I consume the words written down on review sheets and digest them until they give me energy to work. So yeah

By the way thats a metaphor

EHhhhh, yeah atm, Neil is looking at our sculptures, I’m quite sad as my plinth/stand thing has broken and would like to fix it.

I put up my life drawings in the hall and was gutted I don’t have that mucho, however there are some in the sketchbooks so am not tooo sad, although I’m crying inside. I feel the thing went quite well, put the stuff up and it just fitted on my wall, which I hope is a good thing. On the other hand it could mean all my work is terrible quality and I need to focus on quality more than quantity.




Plaster cast inspirations

I was thinking about plaster sculptures and what they mean to people. For me they symbolise death and memorials. This is partly due to the fact that I have seen the plaster casts of people at pompeii. I want to get across this darkness/memorial fact in my work.

Here are some pictures of the casts and also of the terracotta army, a set of sculptures I would really love to see.


Plaster Sculpture

This incredibly hard-to-use substance was the medium we are using in our next sculpture assignment. It is extremely hard to control as it is a liquid but I think I have got the grasp of how to use it properly. My sculpture has become slightly similar in appearance to a swamp beast mainly due to its drippy nature.

We started off with making our armatures, and as our new sculptures are to be inspired by our last ones, I made my skeleton in the form of three triangles: all balanced on top of each other. I gradually added the plaster and as it dried I saw it was unbalanced so decided to saw off one of the legs. Fortunately the tripod did not fall over with the loss of one of its legs and I could continue adding drippy sculpture.

Here are some pictures of my sculpture so far.

As usual I cannot figure out how to rotate the picture and am forced to have it the wrong way round.


cya, wouldn’t wanna be ya


Last Friday we did a selection of monoprints, ranging from quicker studies to longer pieces. I chose to gain inspiration from the posture of the figure and how the models limbs stretched and crossed over. This lead to my drawings being very frail and, I’d like to think, Schiele-esque in appearance.

These prints were for a competition for the celebration of the 50,000th view on the Fine Art website. Hoorah.

My other main trademark for this set of drawings would be the circle which I think added an extra atmosphere in the prints making them appear quite eerie in appearance.

Here is an example of one of the prints I made:

Scary eh?

Yeah I thought so too, hopefully we’ll get them back from our tutors soon. And good luck for the fifty people in getting the print I made.

Ciao for now

Sunset Song

The book we studied in higher English, its amazing, and I went to see the play of it at the Kings Theatre!! Chris was definitely Chris, and Ewen was definitely not Ewen, but oh welllll. At least John Guthrie was not Pooty. I LOVE LONG ROB AND THE MILLL!!!! and chae-man, he is also sounders.

The play worked really well, uplifting the more serious bits with comedy, unfortunately this sometimes distracted from the plotline which was fast paced as to not avoid anything in the story. I think it definitely came together at the end when the new reverend read aloud from the bible the passage from the book. I FANCIED IT. And we met our English teachers wife!!!!! WAS SO EXCITING! they’re so lovely.

But yeah really liked how they portrayed the horse, with the actors they created the shape of the horse. I feel this would have worked well on a silhouette on the backscreen. This is an element which interests me artistically, a bunch of objects placed together to form a shadow which resembles an object.

I will investigate this further.



Hoiya all, its me the writer of this blog again. SURPRISE!!! I know, you never thought it’d happen, but I wrote this post. Went to Aberdeen this weekend, had an AMAZING time, was so  so   so so GOOD, I really enjoyed it, great nightlife up there, and possibly the best chippy in the world. However, I was quite drunk when I had the chips, but in my defense chips only really taste good when you’re two bottle of wine down the line. That RHYMED! wow.

The journey up there was extremely good, met a woman and her son who was obsessed with trains. He had this magazine for ordering model trains, which was quite exciting, it had tonnes of layouts (like the scenery) and I was excited most of all by that. Tried to find some artist who had used model trains in their art, but couldn’t so I claim this idea as mine! Alas I wanted to do tonnes of drawing on the beautiful journey up, but I talk too much and only started drawing when they got off the train, at which point I HAD THE TABLE TO MYSELF!!! I almost died.

But yeah, when I got there I met my friend who’s at Gray’s School of Art and we went to see Foals. THEY ARE AMAZING, but the lead singer Yannis is a bit crazy. He hit himself with the microphone which I thought was a bit weird. And then we went back to her flat and drank some, then to the union, had some more drink, then this clubpub called Drummond’s, drinked there too, then back to the union, and you guessed it, we played pool.

WAS SO FUN, really got to see what Aberdeen was like to live in and I feel this will help me decide which ar colleges I will apply to next year.

Anywaaaays I’ll leave you with this remark – “I LOVE ABERDEEN”

Nouvelle Vague

Possibly the most coolest band in the worrrrld, I’ve known about them for ages but they need to be mentioned NOW. They’re from France and they do cover versions of old New Wave songs from the eighties like Fade to Grey and so on. I find it really clever because Nouvelle Vague means New Wave in French, and mostly their covers are in a bossa nova style and bossa nova means New Wave in Spanish or Portuguese (can’t remember). But yeah, this is becoming a rant. Basically you should listen to them.

Below is a video of their cover of The Specials’ “Friday Night Saturday Morning”

I am fascinated by the effectiveness of Cover Versions and their ability to still be successful but in a different way from the original. Artists have also attempted cover versions of other artists work. A good example of this is Picasso’s version of Velasquez’s “Les Meninas.”

Velasquez Las Meninas


Picasso Les Meninas
Picasso - Las Meninas
So yeah, yet another crossover between the art and music worlds.