Nouvelle Vague

Possibly the most coolest band in the worrrrld, I’ve known about them for ages but they need to be mentioned NOW. They’re from France and they do cover versions of old New Wave songs from the eighties like Fade to Grey and so on. I find it really clever because Nouvelle Vague means New Wave in French, and mostly their covers are in a bossa nova style and bossa nova means New Wave in Spanish or Portuguese (can’t remember). But yeah, this is becoming a rant. Basically you should listen to them.

Below is a video of their cover of The Specials’ “Friday Night Saturday Morning”

I am fascinated by the effectiveness of Cover Versions and their ability to still be successful but in a different way from the original. Artists have also attempted cover versions of other artists work. A good example of this is Picasso’s version of Velasquez’s “Les Meninas.”

Velasquez Las Meninas


Picasso Les Meninas
Picasso - Las Meninas
So yeah, yet another crossover between the art and music worlds.

Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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