Hoiya all, its me the writer of this blog again. SURPRISE!!! I know, you never thought it’d happen, but I wrote this post. Went to Aberdeen this weekend, had an AMAZING time, was so  so   so so GOOD, I really enjoyed it, great nightlife up there, and possibly the best chippy in the world. However, I was quite drunk when I had the chips, but in my defense chips only really taste good when you’re two bottle of wine down the line. That RHYMED! wow.

The journey up there was extremely good, met a woman and her son who was obsessed with trains. He had this magazine for ordering model trains, which was quite exciting, it had tonnes of layouts (like the scenery) and I was excited most of all by that. Tried to find some artist who had used model trains in their art, but couldn’t so I claim this idea as mine! Alas I wanted to do tonnes of drawing on the beautiful journey up, but I talk too much and only started drawing when they got off the train, at which point I HAD THE TABLE TO MYSELF!!! I almost died.

But yeah, when I got there I met my friend who’s at Gray’s School of Art and we went to see Foals. THEY ARE AMAZING, but the lead singer Yannis is a bit crazy. He hit himself with the microphone which I thought was a bit weird. And then we went back to her flat and drank some, then to the union, had some more drink, then this clubpub called Drummond’s, drinked there too, then back to the union, and you guessed it, we played pool.

WAS SO FUN, really got to see what Aberdeen was like to live in and I feel this will help me decide which ar colleges I will apply to next year.

Anywaaaays I’ll leave you with this remark – “I LOVE ABERDEEN”


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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