Sunset Song

The book we studied in higher English, its amazing, and I went to see the play of it at the Kings Theatre!! Chris was definitely Chris, and Ewen was definitely not Ewen, but oh welllll. At least John Guthrie was not Pooty. I LOVE LONG ROB AND THE MILLL!!!! and chae-man, he is also sounders.

The play worked really well, uplifting the more serious bits with comedy, unfortunately this sometimes distracted from the plotline which was fast paced as to not avoid anything in the story. I think it definitely came together at the end when the new reverend read aloud from the bible the passage from the book. I FANCIED IT. And we met our English teachers wife!!!!! WAS SO EXCITING! they’re so lovely.

But yeah really liked how they portrayed the horse, with the actors they created the shape of the horse. I feel this would have worked well on a silhouette on the backscreen. This is an element which interests me artistically, a bunch of objects placed together to form a shadow which resembles an object.

I will investigate this further.



Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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