My first video artwork

Bus vs Girl, who will win?


yeah, integuing stuff huh? dont you just wann find out more, now you can, as I uploaded it to youtube and now to here, so go ahead, don’t be afraid, watch itttttttttttt

good times huh, yeah thought sooooooo

alsooo, here’s my other video piece which I did after it (so therefore it should be better), its about the progress in technology and the journey it has come along. SO FUN

yeah better


Gordon and Mairi-anne’s journey home

The theme journey is so wide, it can mean a spiritual journey, a mental journey, it could even mean something to do with crusades, which is what my painting project may finally fall into the category of. But with all these meanings, I’ve gone for the simplest idea, me and my friend Mairi-anne mucking around on the top of a bus.

So here are the original videos and I will eventually post the final cut, which might be quite cool.


Well, its not letting me upload them, so lets all hope that the camera can upload the files straight to the mac tomorrow

otherwise i will cry


Whitney Bedford

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while, there will be tonnes in the next few days as I have lots to say about the new painting and video projects, about the sculpture carving and about my general life p.s I’m dying of fever.

Anywwwwways, Whitney Bedford is a young, American artist who has painted seascapes in strong, bold colours usually of older ships sinking. I really like the artists works due to there contrast in bold colour and delicate lines.

Beautiful ain’t it, however, it doesnt seem to be showing up on the edit page, which saddens me.

But yeah, I think these two works work together.

Later Skater