its a painting contextual affair – Raqib Shaw

There were two main artists whose work influenced my final outcomes in the journey project:

Raqib Shaw, a very elaborate man who works with very intricate paintings involving different media and influences from different cultures. It was his use of enamel paint to create detail which inspired me to do something similar.

In his work, “Garden of Earthly Delights,” Shaw explores the intimacy between sea creatures and human forms with bird heads. Its a very exciting piece which I think is emphasised by the intimate details the artist has used in the piece.


I really like the kind of rhythm and dance he uses in this work, although it does not directly inspire my work for the journey project I feel I am more open to “different” ideas in the art world. The reason I wanted to use enamel paints in a fine painterly way is to emphasise the juxtaposition between the graffiti art and the crest that I designed.

Also enamel paints are the only kind of paint that can effectively work on metal.

Good point Gordon good point

I also was influenced by the combination and juxtaposition of old traditions and newer techniues with painting, I want this to come across in my work with the old being the overall aesthetics of the map and the new being the gang culture it portrays.