Sending letters as art

My celebrity project has reached a point were I have to decide whether to be mean or not.
As I have not actually discussed my celebrity project yet I think maybe I should give a breif introduction to the work.
After receiving the brief of the notion of celebrity I immediately thought about making myself famous so got to work at making posters of myself. I was going to put up these posters around Edinburgh and see over a period of time if people noticed me, recognising me in the street etc. But after I while I decided I didn’t want to be famous so I moved on to making something else famous. So I thought long and hard and decided I wanted to make something famous that didn’t exist.
I decided to invent an art movement and post a well linked page on wikipedia stating what the movement was about and what artists it incorporated. It was an attempt to show how gullible the public were to newspapers and especially wikipedia. The concept was a tad weak which is why I dumped this idea as well.
I then decided to move away from everything I had previously done, aiming to become a better person whilst in the transition. Through this move in ideas I believe I came across a nice way to make people feel like they were celebrated.
To do this I had to choose someone (at random, because its fair that way), and then contact them in some way. My decision was to send a letter to someone I found in a pen tester pad in paperchase. This pad meant it was completely random who I conctacted, and because people left their first and last names in the pad I was able to find their addresses. Although this may sound quite stalkerish, because the outcome is pleasant and makes the person feel celebrated I saw it as not completely bad haha.
I found a pretty picture in the pad with the caption “By Janie Rose” which I chose to be my target. From the drawing a composed a letter describing what I thought of the picture (mostly, positive criticism, and some points which could have been improved on) and also asking what the concept behind the picture was.
I then endeavoured to send out the letters to the 6 J Rose’s in Edinburgh and its surroundings.
However I have come to a crisis point in the project, even though its over, I need to decided whether to continue with my nice letter idea, or to move it on to something more sinister, a possible idea would be to ask them if I could possibly agent them, or maybe even ask them if they would participate in an exhibition consisting of pen tester pad drawings with the concepts of the work.
am very confused about which way to go in this piece.
May just have to post up both ideas as drafts and then see which gets more views haha


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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