Occupied was occupied

well our exhibition went swimmingly, thank you to all who attended!! I actually broke even on the money issue, so am extraordinarily happy about that one.

Today we packed away the exhibit, leaving the shop cold and empty, which was actually quite emotional, but I’ll get over it, there will be other shops and other exhibits. It was just so brilliant having the keys and stuff, so so brilliant.

Anyhooos here are some images of the exhibition, didnt want to post them straight away incase you didnt want to come after seeing them.


Final Piece for Graded Unit

yes it has been a long time in coming, but I’ve been doing a lot over the summer i swear hahaha

welllllllll, here is my final piece, it may be possible to deduce what its about from the other older posts but I want to write the concept down anyway:

boxbox2so those arent very good quality photos, I do hope there are others for my folio haha (nervous laugh).

The concept for this piece was somewhat difficult to come up with. At sight it looks quite obviously a record of different samples taken from around Edinburgh of hair. The areas are determined from a map of the galapagos islands over a map of Edinburgh. The map is decidedly placed over the map of edinburgh through use of my house being placed under Cabo Douglas(Cape Douglas ) and also Punta Pitt being put where the William Pitt statue is on George Street. This allows for a broad cross section of the city. However there is deeper meaning which may be observed whilst looking at the title “Darwin was a con-artist” and also the two bottom drawers, marked private. On observation of these two drawers one would find unfinished drawers filled with hair, this may confuse the viewer as to where the artist actually got the hair, should we have trusted them. This piece of art confuses the trust between the artist and the viewer and also the scientist and the viewer. Should we believe all that is told to us?

That is for you to decide. I know I’m far too trusting of things and maybe sometimes I shouldnt be.

Opening Night

OH wow, just really overwhelmed by the amount of support we all got for our opening night for occupied.

Really really fantastic

So so so so so good

there be lots of photos on facebook and the like but here’s some that my dad took

opening night spilling overopening night 017opening night 019opening night 020


For my part in the exhibition “Occupied” I have decided to opt for making all new work. I was interested in documenting the credit crunch and how it affected the world and how people thought during it. It was my decision to honour the abstract sometimes even absurd thoughts when people are put in a crisis such as the one we are in just now. These, often described, silly ideas are quickly discarded but I thought it was a nice thing to bring attention to them in a way which might be accessible and easy to comprehend. This plays nicely along with the concept of us using a shop unit to exhibit our work.

The first pieces I developed was a variety of bank notes sold for their face price. I thought this was interesting as it seems the queen had already thought of it (or at least I thought she had, but I couldnt find anything on the internet about it). But i decided to opt for a more domestic production line. Instead of printing the notes I used items around my house for two reasons; to give the piece context in the financial climate, not spending money on printing presses etc; and also to give it that homemade feel, as if the viewer had made it themselves. From a variety of banknotes I have made several traces including one pound notes which will all be sold at their face value ie £1 drawings will be sold for £1. Here are some of them I have done already:

SANY0559SANY0557SANY0558So yeah, I’m feeling good about this one.

And now I’m off to update the other past with a map of where the exhibition is



Helllo blog viewers, I am back to the blog after quite a long time of not coming here. My hits have definitely dropped a lot since two months ago but I am certain I can make it back up to the standards that I have become accustomed to.

Anyway the main reason I’m back is to promote my exhibition, which is taking part in Edinburgh next week. It will be open from 10am-6pm on Tuesday 18th August until Saturday 22nd August. Anyone in the area should definitely come along, we’ll hopefully get a kettle and will offer tea or coffee to whoever comes in.

Quite a lot of the art is on sale also, so all you wannabe collector’s (and real collectors) should come along to make a purchase.

Anyway here’s the poster:Occupied

There’s a few of us participating in the event, Carrie Gooch an artist who is interested in movement and also the audience’s participation in the art, her blog is http://cuilcheanna.wordpress.com/

And also Lauren McLaughlin who is interested in history and is inspired by past techniques but gives them a modern twist, her blog is http://laurenmclaughlin24.wordpress.com/

David Hutton was also going to exhibit but due to circumstances has had to pull out. He is a very contemporary artist who prefers to work in video, his blog is http://davidhutton.wordpress.com/

Anyhooos so you should come along if you like the look of any of these artists. Some of the work is new but there will be some old classics as well. The new work is combined by the concept of money, we were definitely influenced by the shop and the art market, so hopefully that will come across during the exhibition.

Yeah, so come one, come all


p.s here’s a map of where it is btw

“Occupied” is an upcoming exhibition featuring some of Edinburgh’s newest artists who have just graduated from their first year of the HND contemporary art practice course at Telford.


The exhibition takes place from the 18th-22nd of August between 10am and 6pm, with an opening night on the 17th August beginning at 7pm.


The artists have included some former pieces that were produced during the first year of the course. These cover the themes of journey, protection and the notion of celebrity. Alongside these will be new works by the artists inspired by money: a theme appropriate to their gallery space, a shop.


The art covers a broad range of disciplines with drawing, sculpture, video and conceptual all making an appearance.


So please come join these artists as they open their first out-of-college exhibition at 9 Gillespie Place in Bruntsfield, see map below: