Moving completely away from anything I’d done so far

So today, I forgot my sketchbook so its hard to continue on anything that I had been doing. This did however give me time to reflect on what I had done and develop my work away from the dead end it was reaching fast. So I said to myself where can this go? I looked again at the brief and thought about what kind of comment I could make with the art I was making. So far it had been about appreciating escape and stuff, but I thought about art escaping from the gallery space.

Art moving out of the gallery space is definitely a current issue with more and more site-specific artowkrs being present every day. I thought about maybe continuing my performance but in public or possibly creating a different performance. One where I was tied up, like Habacuc’s dog but instead of dying I would leave a pair of scissors for members of the public to cut me free.

Then I thought again about the idea of art leaving the gallery and I thought about the possibility of stealing art from a gallery and moving it someone else, freeing it from the confines of the white walled cell. In my mind it was important that I didn’t break the law, but I was still fascinated with the idea. Maybe instructions on how to steal a piece of art, like the Louvre’s mona lisa, or maybe something closer to home, like in the Modern Art Gallery, or one of the ones on the mound. It was interesting to think this as I’d never contemplated the concept of stealing a piece of artwork before. Obviously I won’t actually go through with it but its interesting. From that idea came the idea of making a forgery of an artwork, or maybe instructions on how to make a forgery. I thought what I could make a forgery of, and considered my own piece of art.

So here is the piece of art, unfortunately I can’t print it out right now due to technical difficulties in the college but I will soon.

Dear Reader,

Please follow instructions to copy this piece of art:

First take a note of everything that is written down here, I will not be held liable for any spelling errors, grammatical errors or just plain wrong wording that you may fabricate in your forgery.
Second take a note that this piece of art uses the Times New Roman font at a font size of 14.
Thirdly you must also note that this is produced through use of Apple Works ’09 although careful planning will mean you can use Microsoft Word or any other word processing tools.
Fourthly, there is no double spacing between the instructions. The only exception to this being the first two lines where there is a space of one bar after each. There is also a space of one bar between the end of the instructions and the subsequent statement, and then again between that statement and the “Yours Sincerely, Gordon Douglas.”
Fifth, no paragraph is indented.
Sixth, make sure the font is set to italics for the instructions section and normal for the opening and closing segments.
Seventh, take a note that this work of art is printed on A4 paper.
Eighth, print the piece in grayscale/black&white.
Ninth, print the piece in a portrait layout.
Finally, frame your masterpiece as it will look a lot less counterfeit.

The imitation is complete, take the copy to your nearest art dealer and sell high.

Yours faithfully,
Gordon Douglas

So there it is. Another outcome to this beautiful brief. And the relevance to this brief is the fact of the inside art elite going outside into the broader public, so that everyone can be an art collector. Eventually this will ruin the value of art. I’m oh so clever.

ALSOOO there’s a new girl in our class called Hannah who should have a blog very soon, so you should check her out ayeeee.


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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