Predicting cards

So after A LOT of thought over the stuff I’d already done (ie learning every single card of the pack by the small printing errors on the back) I moved onto something that did not need all this memory.

I decided to change my brief as well, now letting it follow the theme of Time travel. Pretending I only had one day to come up with the whole idea I immediately spurred into action thinking about all I thought of time travel and what my opinions were on the matter.

I remembered the multiverse theory from a wee while ago and how to avoid the grandfather paradox by using it. Basically the grandfather paradox is you go back in time to kill your grandfather but in doing so cut short your existence by not letting him father your father so then you dont exist to travel back in time to kill him. In the multiverse idea you would indeed travel back to kill him, but it would stop your parallel universe twin from being born. You would also travel up this branch of time too if you were to decide to travel back to your own time. This other branch would essentially be a parallel universe.

So I thought again. AGAIN. and it occurred to me that everything has already happened, all options and choices have already been utilised in the other strands of time. So therefore if I predict the order the cards are to be dealt then I will always be right in one of the parallel universes. I did some maths and found out that in 1 of every 2.444*10^66 universes I would have been correct.

So, I did just that.Photo 3

thats the order I think the cards will be dealt.

here’s the video of me drawing the cards in our universe:

So there we have it, guessing 52 cards in a row in order.


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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