Value of art

So I’m moving on or trying to move on, but its hard work. I’ve done this subject really quickly in the past so its a different feeling starting on something that you’ve already thought very deeply about. It is something that I find incredibly interesting though, should art be so expensive? Why is it the price it is?

So I looked into the possibility of making an equation which describes how art should be priced. But its actually a lot harder than I thought due to the information I wanted being very hard to find on the internet.

The equation I came up with is as follows:



$ – pricing in dollars, M – Market value (FTSE 100 value), m – gradient of line of best fit of the artists previous sales, h – height of the picture, l – length of the picture, s – surface that is painted or drawn upon constant, 0 – medium constant, k – constant I havent figured out yet.

But yeah, with it, it should make the question of pricing art not a question.

Anyhooos after this I got interested in the idea of art having no value. I have painted three paintings each in a modernist style referencing the galleries which exhibit art for selling (in my opinion not real art, subject to change). Here are the clicheed paintings, which I actually really enjoyed painting (will also have to think on this further):




So thats the three. I’m going to leave them outside galleries. This will eliminate my profit from these artworks and give all proceeds to the gallery. An issue which is also important in the art world, the split the gallery gets in selling the artists work.



Dear Reader,

Please follow instructions to copy this piece of art:

First take a note of everything that is written down here, I will not be held liable for any spelling errors, grammatical errors or just plain wrong wording that you may fabricate in your forgery.
Second take a note that this piece of art uses the Times New Roman font at a font size of 14.
Thirdly you must also note that this is produced through use of Apple Works ’09 although careful planning will mean you can use Microsoft Word or any other word processing tools.
Fourthly, there is no double spacing between the instructions. The only exception to this being the first two lines where there is a space of one bar after each. There is also a space of one bar between the end of the instructions and the subsequent statement, and then again between that statement and the “Yours Sincerely, Gordon Douglas.”
Fifth, no paragraph is indented.
Sixth, make sure the font is set to italics for the instructions section and normal for the opening and closing segments.
Seventh, take a note that this work of art is printed on A4 paper.
Eighth, print the piece in grayscale/black&white.
Ninth, print the piece in a portrait layout.
Finally, frame your masterpiece as it will look a lot less counterfeit.

The imitation is complete, take the copy to your nearest art dealer and sell high.

Yours faithfully,
Gordon Douglas

Just heard about Jimmy Boyle who wrote a story about the stealing of the mona lisa, sounds good, shall look into it further.

Till next time comrades



Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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