Conceptual Project Brief

Here’s the brief for my newest project Money and Art, its subject to change though cos I don’t know the units and stuff I can cover and also when it will be formally assessed. Oh and whether its good enough *cough*:

Conceptual Project Brief:



Aim: The aim of this project is to provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate practical and transferable skills in contemporary art practice using conceptual art.
  • Demonstrate visual language through exploration of possibilities within drawing and visual thinking.
  • Demonstrate an open-minded and evaluative approach to study, investigation and research.
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop initial concepts and create art based upon those concepts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the influence and contribution made by art practice, practitioners and philosophy up to and including the 21st century.
  • Produce a final outcome which is relevant to the brief and can be presented in a group crit at the end of the project.

Brief: Money and Art

Money and Art have been two sides to the same coin since the beginning of the art market. People’s need for ownership of the art and the lengths they will go to buy it. Value is also questioned, who is to say what one piece of art is worth as surely art is subjective. Will the art market continue to rise to new levels? How will this affect artists? Money is also a central current theme, due to the financial crisis of our time; how has the credit crunch shifted the art market? What does the future hold for current investors of art. Do artists need so much money? Do they deserve it?

You are required to plan, investigate and develop a conceptual contemporary artwork in response to the theme of Money and Art.


Studio, IT services, LRC, Fine Art Library and others were appropriate.

Summary of Programme:

Week 1: Plan and select an idea relevant to the brief, carry out investigation and make preliminary sketches and sculptures relating to your concept.

Week 2: Develop several concepts and continue to make sketches and ideas.

Week 3: Develop ideas further to a selection of strong ideas.

Week 4: Evaluate concepts so far and prepare for mid-project presentation.

Week 5: After mid-project presentation, evaluate concepts keeping in mind issues discussed and choose one concept to develop further.

Week 6: Continue to develop the concept further, refining your technique and message.

Week 7: Decide on final message for artwork after careful evaluation of work that has come before. Begin work on final piece.

Week 8: Complete final artwork and prepare for end of project presentation crit.


A formative review of the work carried out will take place in a group crit during week 8 of the project.

A formal assessment of this project will take place during week 16 of semester 2.

Time Allocation:

You have been allocated a total of 8 weeks to complete all work for this project.

There is no maximum allocation of self-directed study time associated with this project.

Units & Outcomes:

The successful completion of this project will result in you covering a number of outcomes from the following HN units:

  • Contemporary Art: Project
  • Developmental Drawing Portfolio

Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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