Manipulation of the Gallery Space

So after looking into the idea of having art as valueless through having so many copies of it, I’m going to look into seeing if the art loses value depending on where its situated.

Does art cost the same in the gallery as it does outside?

My answer: no. Art is much less appreciated outside of the gallery space. I feel that art can be overlooked, whereas in a gallery its much easier to focus on the artwork. This is very interesting which I would like to look into at a later date, maybe after thinking about it a bit more. I think it really appeals to me because I love public art so much, having art in the public domain adds a totally different dimension to the work. However I don’t think this point is so relevant to the brief so I will come back to it after.

What would happen if there was a secret gallery where famous art was exhibited but which wasn’t a conventional gallery space? What if the public where exposed to art all the time? I believe that the value of art would decrease.

Art is so wonderful because it is limited, and where it can be found, it can be appreciated. If there was a surplus of artists, would they be as admired as they are right now?

Art in the public domain: the meadows gallery

meadows gallery


This fascinates me, it was a quick image I manipulated on paint, maybe not the most fantastic of digital images due to my inexperience in the medium but it gets the point across I think. How would people feel walking through an art gallery on their way to work? I don’t think some people would give it so much attention. But some people, me included would take time to see the beauty.

However, I do see a loss in value due to the works position.








In this next proposal I turn the gallery on its head

Art in the Personal Domain: Toilet Gallery

toilet gallery

So in this piece, you are confronted with art up close. And in quite a personal setting.

It would also be quite interesting in all of these exhibits to see if the work got stolen, hmm






In this final scenario I present the final argument.

Art in the Private setting: Art at home

last supper bedroom In my opinion this would eliminate all value of art.


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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