DISNEYLAND and paris

well it was amazing, so so good!!

Not only did we get to visit the largest mcdonalds in europe, we got to meet disney characters and go on rides and have quality family time and buy loads of disney crap and see the parades and get scared on the rollercoasters etcc.

So happy days there, here are some snaps of things.

SANY0834SANY0860SANY0866SANY0874SANY0839This last photo I really like as it purely reminds me of spirited away with all the lights on in an abandoned train station.

Disneyland was useful for my art as it also made me think of the 2D cartoons being the real things while the actual real 3D walking around characters were representations. This is quite interesting for me as its usually the other way round. The 2D being more valuable than the actual physical being.

On our day trip to Paris me and my Mum visited the Pompidou centre, it was amazing. SO brilliant, definitely the equivalent of the tate but in paris. I did feel whilst looking through the collection that it was very feminist based, and as I think feminism is great, it is only great up to a certain point. I believe that woman are definitely not discrimated against in the art world, bad art is discriminated against. You will only be seen as a good artist if you have good art. I felt whilst looking through that the gallery felt very differently to my own beliefs.


above is a Jim Hodges exhibition at the Pompidou which I found most fascinating. I won’t begin to evaluate it, but it was all about love, which is such a lovely subject which I think is possibly overlooked at the moment maybe due to it being so clicheed. I just really loved the simplicity of the work, and the aesthetic values, possibly the documentation of every flower he’d seen for twenty days being my favourite. It was similar to a documentation piece I’d done for my graded unit so I identfied immediately with it without having to look at the title or description.

I feel the highlight of the trip into paris was the meeting of a lifetime, a firm answer to my question of art and doubt.

SANY0897Definitely one of those moments you’ll remember the rest of your life. I was so completely surprised that it was in the pompidou centre, well a version of it at least.

It made me just so overwhelmed. I had been so used to taking pictures with disney characters it was kind of a huge comparison to that, and it totally says something about art and the power it has.

I also pay a lot of credit to my mum for taking this photo as it really captures something mysterious about the value of art, the fact that I was so in awe as to just being in its presence.

So yeah, the trip was a complete success and I have every intention of going again very soon

au revoirr


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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