Hirst Opening

Yes I was at the new painting exhibition opening by Damien Hirst. It was oh so exciting!!

and I got some snaps of some local celebs looking at the work too.

Wow they’re very VERY blurry photos, must have been well drunk. At the opening he also had a representation of his old work pharmacy:


Three Stages since last post: Stage Three

Stage Three comprises of the moving away from disney to work on characterising the artworks themselves. As an obvious choice due to the success of the artist’s work commercially, I have chosen Damien Hirst. Also I’d been working with him before and he is relevant right now due to everyone hating his new paintings.

New characters:

These then culminate in a scene with damien hirst and his new paintings:

So I don’t really know how to talk about this work that well, but basically it portrays these characters who we feel sorry for due to Hirst’s disregard for them and also the fact that they have personality compared to the new works. I do however feel sorry for the new works as they’ve been given such a slating, I think they’re quite good myself, and its nice to see achange from Hirst. I also believe that the works are hated so much becuase they’re something we’re not used to, traditional painting. This is so very different from what is around right now. And I believe it is so in a good way. It looks back to Bacon and artists of that era or before with a nostalgic mindset.

This piece of art reflects his throwing aside of his other works. It might be interesting to create characters of the new works instead as they will become heroes to the next generation as supposed to his earlier works being my artistic heroes.

Three Stages since last post: Stage Two

Stage Two comprises in the destruction of my wall drawings, enabling them to never be marketed as the measurements can no longer be made, and the hanging of a collector’s item over them.

These progress the destruction and also the beauty in destruction. The dots move from their spot on the wall to one on the cleaning of the silkscreen. I find it incredibly beautiful. The new triptych is hung over where the destruction took place, an ode to the obvious interest in the new and discarding of the old.

Three Stages since last post: Stage One

Stage one includes evidence of my work continuing from already completed materials, mainly to do with Fountain.

First is a picture of me with balloon, an excited boy whose ecstatic to see fountain for real possibly? Second is a wall drawing of fountain with hirst dots all over it. Third is a fountain playing a basketball whistle and wearing fetching mickey mouse gloves: A kind of cheerleader for newer pieces of art? Fourth is a wrecked studio, putting across my feelings and attempts to be able not to sell something, a concept. Upon coming in the next day I found Carrie drawing a chalkline around it, making it sellable as it can be measured.


To give my work some (more) context I will now look at works of artist who have done or attempted similar things to myself.

Robert Gober: when making my fountain mask I was told about the artist Robert Gober who works with objects that look like readymades but are actually handmade. He even alludes to Duchamp in his work three urinals. Maybe he’s referencing the holy trinity in a triptych like manner. I hope not, cos thats kinda the idea I’m leading into. I think the main reason I was told about the artist was due to whether I need to finish my mask off to the extremes of precision. Couldn’t find a picture of the three urinals but I did find one of this installation.

Fiona Jardine: Need to look up this artist more, but what I’ve seen is rather good. Rather.

I think its about representation, but it may also be about wall drawings, can’t remember what was the point of me looking at her right now, but I’m sure I will.



Continuing with development:

I liked how all the previous wall drawings looked together; my subconscious working up again.

May develop this later.These two pieces stemmed from the cel idea. They work by playing the character of the fountain against the recognisable mickey mouse. In the first, the fountain is given two ears, in the second the pipes of the urinals make a mickey mouse emblem.

Simply a small mickey mouse wall painting.

The above is a reaction to disney balloons. It is however not a reaction against, but merely a celebration of commercial success.

That is something that must be stressed in my work, it is not to put down anything, it is truthful and happy that disney has become such a huge prominence in society (thats worded poorly, but the jist is that I like disney, and my work is intended to celebrate and appreciate the hard work that the collective minds at disney have produce over the years). bracketed bit is far superior to normal sentence,

(i like the balloon) There’s a certain beauty to something as shiny and reflective as this. It reminds me of Koons work, an artist which I admire greatly and think is along the same lines in regards to opinion to commercialism. The balloon piece has to reference him as his work includes a variety of inflatables. My work is maybe saying that instead of deceiving people with fake inflatable objects, I choose to have the real thing. This maybe says something about me as a person as I trust people and expect people to trust me. I do not wish to play with people’s perceptions.

This piece was to emphasise the art as the celebrity, the moving away from the artist as the celebrity. Inside the book is a collection of Duchamp’s most famous works names scribed as signatures. The viewer is encouraged to imagine their own disneyland filled with Duchamp works instead of characters; duchampland.

here sit fountain, portrait of gustav calrod’s mother, jeune homme triste dans le train, fresh widow, and another window piece’s signatures.




L.H.O.O.Q. Mariee, nu descendant un escalier no 2, portrait of Dr R Dumachel’s signatures.

Also nadine:

keep on living everyone, I’ll post again soon.

Wall Drawings

Wall drawings are an interesting addition to art practice, they offer a different surface to work on.

The main reason I am choosing to use wall drawings as a way of conveying my art is to suggest it being impossible to sell them. Of course its not impossible, as we know with banksy, but it is very improbable.

This first piece is a cover version of damien hirst’s dot paintings. I have chosen to use the stereotypical art “sold” stickers in place of the dots to maybe suggest what is art truly is. This does not mean I don’t admire him though, as I was thinking that maybe he’s the reason I am an artist.

The drawing of Minnie Mouse on the wall makes it impossible for disney to sell it, a complete comparison to the cel.

The drawing of fountain on the wall makes it impossible for the item to be sold. Therefore making it art that is completely against the market.

The silkscreen prints direct onto the wall suggest several concepts. The first being of disney being unable to be sold on the wall. The second is a repetitive nature of commerciaism. The final being the oxymoron of silkscreen printing onto a wall; the point of silkscreen printing (according to warhol) to produce multiple prints which can then be sold for lots and lots of money seperately.