Large Glass

Bride stripped bear by her bachelors, even

So I realised the similarities between the cels and another important marcel duchamp piece, large glass. The piece is about a woman being sexually pleasured with a machine being run by nine men.BrideStrippedBare

So with this in mind I started jotting down idea for an artwork which oded to this brilliant piece but with keeping in the ideas of commercialism, value, and money.

I can’t talk too much about the piece as of yet because its hard to even know what its a cover of. SANY0955SANY0958SANY0964

Its lightly provocative in nature what with Minnie being naked and all. I replaced the bride with her, and obviously she has been stripped bare by her bachelors (a host of male disney villains). There is even a question mark as to whether the image is suitable, there is a kind of uneasiness in their smiles that make us think of the worst.

The sort of idea behind it was to have disney take over a piece of art, but I don’t actually know if its worked. Its certainly recognisable to me as a piece of art, and as a reference to Duchamp. There’s also the alluding to my heroes nowadays, vs the villains of my past. But I really don’t know.

I personally love the piece but I need to think more abput why it is art, and why it is so brilliant (in my most humble opinion)



Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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