Maurizio Cattelan & more Freddy Fountain costume


So that is the costume pretty much made. Just need to get some red shorts and black tights and white gloves and yellow shoes. But thats’ll be EASY.

Was reminded of a piece by Maurizio Cattelan, who is brill, and he knew Ettore Sottsass!!! Who is a boma of mine

Its this piece by him called “inside Picasso’s head” he wanders around getting his photo taken with members of the public like in disneyland. I think its quite similar to my art ideas, but its maybe to do with the artist more than the art. My work is to do with the art being the celebrity that people want to meet.


There is also a piece by him who i quite like as well where the pope is hit by a meteorite.

Don’t know what it means but I don’t mind, and maybe dont even want to know.

3So long farewell auf wiedresein goodbye


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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