Wall Drawings

Wall drawings are an interesting addition to art practice, they offer a different surface to work on.

The main reason I am choosing to use wall drawings as a way of conveying my art is to suggest it being impossible to sell them. Of course its not impossible, as we know with banksy, but it is very improbable.

This first piece is a cover version of damien hirst’s dot paintings. I have chosen to use the stereotypical art “sold” stickers in place of the dots to maybe suggest what is art truly is. This does not mean I don’t admire him though, as I was thinking that maybe he’s the reason I am an artist.

The drawing of Minnie Mouse on the wall makes it impossible for disney to sell it, a complete comparison to the cel.

The drawing of fountain on the wall makes it impossible for the item to be sold. Therefore making it art that is completely against the market.

The silkscreen prints direct onto the wall suggest several concepts. The first being of disney being unable to be sold on the wall. The second is a repetitive nature of commerciaism. The final being the oxymoron of silkscreen printing onto a wall; the point of silkscreen printing (according to warhol) to produce multiple prints which can then be sold for lots and lots of money seperately.


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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