Continuing with development:

I liked how all the previous wall drawings looked together; my subconscious working up again.

May develop this later.These two pieces stemmed from the cel idea. They work by playing the character of the fountain against the recognisable mickey mouse. In the first, the fountain is given two ears, in the second the pipes of the urinals make a mickey mouse emblem.

Simply a small mickey mouse wall painting.

The above is a reaction to disney balloons. It is however not a reaction against, but merely a celebration of commercial success.

That is something that must be stressed in my work, it is not to put down anything, it is truthful and happy that disney has become such a huge prominence in society (thats worded poorly, but the jist is that I like disney, and my work is intended to celebrate and appreciate the hard work that the collective minds at disney have produce over the years). bracketed bit is far superior to normal sentence,

(i like the balloon) There’s a certain beauty to something as shiny and reflective as this. It reminds me of Koons work, an artist which I admire greatly and think is along the same lines in regards to opinion to commercialism. The balloon piece has to reference him as his work includes a variety of inflatables. My work is maybe saying that instead of deceiving people with fake inflatable objects, I choose to have the real thing. This maybe says something about me as a person as I trust people and expect people to trust me. I do not wish to play with people’s perceptions.

This piece was to emphasise the art as the celebrity, the moving away from the artist as the celebrity. Inside the book is a collection of Duchamp’s most famous works names scribed as signatures. The viewer is encouraged to imagine their own disneyland filled with Duchamp works instead of characters; duchampland.

here sit fountain, portrait of gustav calrod’s mother, jeune homme triste dans le train, fresh widow, and another window piece’s signatures.




L.H.O.O.Q. Mariee, nu descendant un escalier no 2, portrait of Dr R Dumachel’s signatures.

Also nadine:

keep on living everyone, I’ll post again soon.


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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