So I have recently attempted a performance

so I have recently attempted my performance of fountainhead.

I think it went quite well apart from the deserted nature of the gallery. Wish there was more people for me to interact with 😦

ah well, it went good anyway, here’s some photos and the video that I made out of them

remember that the video is not art in itself, purely because I cannot work imovie very well, it is a documentation of the performance.

so yeah, the gallery and the theme park come together and rejoice in celebrations of disney art, commercialism, hypocrisy and joy.


100th POST!!! and also the joys of Hirst, and experimentation of Hirst.

So I’ve made it this far. Who knew when I started out in september 2008 that I could keep up with a visual blogging diary for so so long. Thank you to all who have visited the blog over the year and a bit, and to all those who will visit in the future.

This piece is an invite to Hirst’s opening with his older characters. They say how delightfully unpleasant, but it mirrors what the critics said about them once upon a time. This piece probably doesn’t have much to do with value, but I suppose in a way it does.

“We need more simon skull toys” is the quote written here in this disneyland/artland scenario where two employees have noticed the damien hirst themed items are selling quicker than the others.

This is a take on the piece before as I couldn’t be bothered with making the cartoon in cel format. It portrays pluto as duchamp’s fountain this time as pluto is seen as not one of the frontrunners in the commercial success.

These pieces are thoughful representations of simon skull, a mickey mouse/damien hirst hybrid. The second is painted bad because Hirst is seen as a terrible painter.