Meteor Protection



Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is a typical doomsday scenario spoken of in the bible. It tells the tale of a man named Noah who was contacted by God and told that He was going to flood the world full of water to cleanse it of bad people. He was to take two of each animal on to the ark so they could reproduce on the new world. The ark was on the water for forty days and forty nights.

I find it interesting how this shape is very recognisable.

Also in Disney’s Fantasia’s version of Noah’s Ark, it was humorous to see which animals were left when the ark left, a unicorn, a dragon and a gryphon.

Contextual tangs from Berlin

pretty poor gallery I know!

Things I found interesting in Berlin were:

1- The ability to take photos of art in art galleries. This continues on from my ideas from the value project, its just like disneyland and tourist locations.

2- Artist commune, artist’s living together, still a presence of making money even in somewhere that alludes to being all about the art.

3- Vanity of some people including myself in trying to get photos of yourself and tourists.

4- Mounds of gravel, cubes of concrete, sand.

5- Photocopy of a piece of art by Franz Marc (possibly) hung up in the gallery as the original was lost.

6- Brave New World

7- Interesting pattern on floor of S-Bahn 

These are not in order with the photos

Also, Berlin is a VERY cool city

A Whole New World

Going along the idea that there may be severe axis shift I have decided to create a map of what the world may look like after the north pole has shifted to Edinburgh. It also might be accompanied by a pole shaped like the north pole, this would mean the work changes each time it is in a different gallery, the map will have to change too.

Surviving the Singularity

Right, so this video is getting dull to make, I’m losing interest in spending loads of time on an idea which I think isn’t the strongest.

Here is the work so far, I may use some of the imagery later on, maybe taking the project to a pamphlet outcome?

some of the images I enjoyed were:

(forgot to mention I made a little house out of cardboard, so that can maybe be taken into account too for how long the video took. However I’m glad I can use it as a prop for other ideas throughout the project)

The zones are listed as above to correspond with the coming black hole which will cause a doomsday scenario, in order to survive it, it is essential that people stay above their houses or in open spaces. This will make sure that the roof, shelter, or anything above them will not squash them. Allocated spaces are a possibility for openness.