Doomsday Art – mostly sourced from

Michelangelo Last Judgement. Most well-known apocalypse artwork, creates an environment in itself. Viewer is taken aback with wonder.

Raphael Archangel Michael Slaying the Dragon. Simple painting, formally very beautiful even though the subject matter is a tad gruesome.

Bruegel The Triumph of Death. Similar to Chapman Brother’s Hell.

Chapman Brother’s Hell. A vision of an apocalyptic world- little model- very intricate makes the viewer caution themselves when walking near it.

Chris Cunnigham Flex. Less obvious view of doomsday, very visually stunning. Formal views could include the figurative nature of the work, with lighting making the figures seem incredibly beautiful.

Maurizio Cattelan La Nona Ora. Funny take on doomsday by Cattelan, juxtaposition of elements- maybe speaking over science’s doomsday coming before religions?

Hopkins Brink. Wonderful piece which the artist sawed down the legs of this chair so that it was perfectly balanced on its side. Viewer is cautios again.

Dawicki Armageddon. All celebrities die on the same day, are they the only ones who are remembered?

Schneider Weisse Folter. A labyrinth of white corridors, with white rooms leading off. These rooms are very hot, very cold or incredibly hard to reopen. Named after the torture, white torture.

Nix City. Photographs of scenes in which the world is over. Cinematic nature makes us realise the images are indeed fake- allusion to hollywood?

Santosh Counting Down. Dogs counting down to the end of the world, each fitted with a different setting on the countdown.

Gonzales-Foerster T.H. 2058. Bunk beds are a symbol of the need to share space, after possible doomsday. Artworks blown up to huge scale intimidating the viewer.

Kuksi. Intricate models making the shapes of skulls. Similar to Hell.

Hirschhorn Launderette. Images of torture, wars and terrible acts of violence played through the laundrette washing machine screens. Shows they are impossible to wash.

Blue Curry. Installation view of artist’s degree show. The way the objects are placed is very formally executed-although the theme has nothing to do with doomsday.

Anish Kapoor. Pigment reminds me of the titanium dioxide I wish to leave a pile of on the floor. It is true to its material and not trying to be anything else- a notion which Clement Greenburg greatly encouraged.

Natalie Lambert. Spaces made very uncomfortable with the use of string, hoop, giant rod of steel. Viewer has to be cautious not to break the artwork or hurt themselves.

Also one artist who I don’t know the name of, but they seem to be very similar to me

thanks to for having such a super article on the web from which I could find and easily look through all these artists.


Stuff over Easter

fort in my room

globe and thatch made of crosses over Arizona meteor impact crater.

Globe with driftwood balancing on top

chairs stacked against each other to covered fireplace

colour pencil drawing above mirror

picture taken directly up at sunset on day of first ash cover over Britain

Rock painted quarter white

cat’s cradle on wallmap of proposed cat’s cradle installation across the globe.

Sticks and Strings

Names will never hurt me

So these brooms represent the ability to quickly find something in the house to barricade a door witt. They hold between them a cat’s cradle (childs game AKA Aytori) the string will protect the citizens below from incoming asteroids.

stick leaning from wall to ceiling with string tied around hole in the stick dangling to a nearby wall with a nail holding the string to the wall.

Drawings of cat’s cradles.

Sticks painted red and white with hanging pole jeld by cat’s cradle.

North Pole Brush

Spin Drawings with felt tip pen

Red Spiral