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moon map



Update hooray

My sincerest apologies for the lack of contact since the end of my course. I promise I havce been busy though. Have been speaking with Craig of ArtSpace2Let and we are both very hopeful of a possible exhibition in their venue in marchmont sometime either in August or in October (Incredibly exciting). The exhibition will be a collaboration with eca painting graduate Holly Clement. We have chosen to work around a theme which is very close to our hearts – the action film. From this we have followed different paths, but are both very influenced by the process of drawing and or mark-making.

One of the works on show will be nanotechnology:

The work explores the mythology of the movie G.I.Joe were people are injected with a serum of millions of micro robots known as nanobots. The nanobots are then used to control the person’s emotions and actions – pretty scary yeah? I decided to use a previous work as a starting point (time map) and look into theories of the sublime in things so small instead of things so large. In this drawing there is a dot for every nanobot in the serum. From calculations I can assume there are 2.2*10^22 nanobots in the serum. I am currently on 105000 dots in the drawings which is nowhere near but it is helping me feel notions of the sublime as I draw.

Another work which will hopefully be submitted is a moon map. The work will portray a colonised moon- the conclusion to the abuse of our planet’s natural resources. Its a working progress and I have no photos of it. But I have illustrated a man-made ocean along with some capital cities. I am trying to give each country a space on the moon but it is in fact very difficult to do so. To try and predict which of America or Russia would give land space to thrid world countries. It is quite a political piece in this way.

Another work is a work already shown on the blog, but I will include another photo of it to remind you enthusiastic viewers. It is the map of the world after pole and axis-shift. This is a process which usually happens over a course of millions of years but for the instance of the artwork I have changed  it to present day. The poles have suddenly changed position and the Earth no longer tilts on the axis it once used to. This map will go along side the other work and will be climate orientated, imaginging Britain freezing cold etc.