Four Sockets

Four Sockets follows the last ten seconds of a kettle boiling from four different sockets in an extension lead.


New work – electron

So I have recently started GSA Sculpture and Environmental Art and I am glad to say that it is going well so far. Underneath are some of the works I am working on. I’m really interested in the idea of electricity at the moment under the brief of the everyday. What else can be more used than the invisible substance. Might go and draw lightning as well now that I think about it.

I was interested in the plug being a line and the plug sockets being the source and the end. Once the plugs were switched on, a short circuit was created and electrons were returned to the source. At the same time electrons from the other plug travelled in the opposite direction initiating a swap. Some electrons will have collided and created energy in the small resistance of the wire.

The work that concluded was an incidental work were the beginning and end was already determined but the middle was completely random.

This work enabled me to have some plugs over in my space whilst being quite formal in appearance

Essentially, I wanted to hold the electrons flow but  also like the irony that it is a fisherman’s knot and water and electricity do not mix.

In this piece I wanted to play with all the aspects so far creating an ironic play with electricity. Although the sculpture is not correct as it is not plugged in. Still quite formal though, I like how it hangs and the beauty of it.


I’ve started to get really interested in facebook and its power over everyone’s daily routine. I thought it’d be funny to plot a graph of facebook users against the population to see where the amount of users on the social networking site outnumbered real people on Earth.

With a LOT of maths I figured out the equations for population growth and facebook popularity and then placed both in a graph together. I found out in the year 2030 there will be 8.052 billion users on facebook and 8 billion people on Earth.

Its interesting to think of a different reality where facebook users were more real than people.

Til next time