Spontaneous Sculpture – Tools of the Trade

More. MORE! This time experimenting with the limits of certain tools.

With these I wanted to see how far the measuring tape extended before it bent. this is the most tape that can be removed from the dispenser without it folding over on itself. With the following one, this was the limit I could keep it balanced on the ledge. The length was in perfect balance with the weight of the dispenser.


The next one deals with health and safety values and the properties of the physical shape of a hammer.

The following images also experiment with the properties of the measuring tape but I have not thought a lot about them.


Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Sculpture – Tools of the Trade”

    1. I would say it follows on from Rosalind Krauss’s definition of sculpture in an expanded field sense, she really believed that the term sculpture should encompass a wider sensibility than just the traditional sculpture techniques. In some ways I see my works as readymades, but they are also drawings in a 3-Dimensional realm. In that sense as well, in which they explore space, they are sculptures to me.

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