Situation meals

I orchestrated several meals throughout the project which will be part of the basis for my research project in Term 3.


Situation Meal #1

Participants are co-founders of the “manifesto for the subversion of public art.” The table is covered in paper and the paper becomes a notepad for the meetings notes and minutes. All participants are allowed to leave notes or engage in marking the paper.


Situation Meal #2

Same participants as Meal #1. The participants eat lunch using their notebooks or sketchbooks as plates. Notes must be taking around the food that has not been eaten.


Situation Meal #3

Participants of the meal were to leave no trace of the food they had eaten before. The table was cleaned after the meal.


Situation Meal #4

Participants were members of a group tutorial. Each member was carefully examined on their online web presence and a meal was designed for them based on things that they had done, or places that were important to them. The meals became portraits of their eaters and were digested, like someone taking consideration of their past.

see the lunch menu by clicking


Situation Meal #5

The two participants ate food from a local chippy in the studio and discussed two seperate texts. One recited Nicholas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics, while the other argued back with Claire Bishop’s Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics.


Situation Meal #6 (collaboration with Phoebe Amis)

The two participants held a business meeting in a hotel room where one played the role of the owner of a gallery space, and the other played role of artist wishing to use the space. The gallery owner became an ambassador for the hotel, trying to unify the aims of the art project the artist was suggesting with the beliefs of the hotel. The two ate off a bedsheet that was draped between them. The sheet had to be kept taut enough for both participants to balance their food on it. As the business relationship developed into a more personal friendly one, the sheet draped.

Situation Meal #7

A meal was eaten whilst the participant was on the phone to his mother who was not eating.


Situation Meal #8

Participants were split into two separate groups. The two groups were positioned at opposite ends of the cafe and instructed to phone a participant who was in the opposite group. The conversation was to be about what they were eating whilst they were eating it. The signal is terrible in the cafe and the conversation is disjointed.


Situation Meal #9

Two participants, each living one floor apart in a set of flats, phone each other via housephone. They eat and sicuss what they are eating. As the conversation gets more relaxed the phone cord gets tighter.



Author: gordondouglas

Performance artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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