We can make Sandwiches

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Outer Frame

I noticed an odd attribute to my handheld camera that allowed for an odd change in the capture frame as the subjects inside the frame move from side to side.

I then attempted to find this elusive undetected space, which I have called the “outer frame.”

The investigation into this became a set of performances to video camera where a conversation between myself and the visible frame was formed.

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Torsten Lauschmann at Thinking Through Cinema

Attended a day long cinema-inspired art day at Tramway. Some of the work was fantastic, some wasn’t so good but yes it was worth it overall.

Here is some of the work that was on show, or work from the artists on show.



Here is the video which I made a while ago now, it was exhibited as part of the submissions exhibition.

Six performers were asked to spontaneously react to the titles of several works of art (ones which were sent up to GSA from Byam Shaw). The performers would then hold that pose until another title was called out. Six documenters were involved in documenting the scene. They used different media to document each pose with their own individual artistic license in video, photography and drawing.

The effect of the experience was like a conversation or dance between the two groups.

Royal Standard Liverpool

Please find enclosed some photos from the Royal Standard in Liverpool of the exhibition on show there

Unfortunately due to the harsh reality of the volunteer-based art world, there was noone there to open the gallery at the times specified when it was going to be open. So a journey partially wasted, although the Tate Liverpool and Bam Bam Bam were on which was quite exciting.

So yes.


Elephants at the Royal Standard

Nicholas Party in collaboration with members from the Embassy Gallery. Royal Standard, Liverpool 8-15th April.

OH yes

List of the artists involved:

Audrey Liang, Calum Craik,Ciara Dunne, Corinna Dean, Elli Natzourani-Koutsoukeli, Evelyn Morrison, GORDON DOUGLAS, Gordon Schmidt, Holly Clement, Hyanghee Lee, Jack Wrigley, Karen Cunningham, Karen Gabbitas, Kate V Robertson, Konomi Kaneya, Kristian Smith, Lindsay Boyd, Lita Murphy, Lydia Holmes, Lara MacLeod, Margaret McGovern, Mirja Koponen, Nathan Anthony, Paul Ditch, Paulina Sandberg, Phoebe Frances Amis, Roween Suess, Ruth Holmes, Sander Schoonbeek, Sandy Hutton, Stuart Fallon, Tim Le Breuilly, Eugenia Gortchakova

So yes, come along if you’re down in liverpool to see my work amongst others works.