From west coast to West Coast

Hello all, my apologies for the lack of posts in the past months, I havent done any art and its been a pretty lazy summer for me, but I have been doing lots of paperwork, and it has paid off as I’m now in Los Angeles eagerly anticipating my arrival at CalArts for my four month study experience!

So what has happened so far:

Arrived in Los Angeles at 6pm local time, 2am Scottish Time, it had been a long day as I’d been travelling from 5am, ST, or 9pm, LA-T. Got to watch some brilliant movies on the way over, saw Super 8, X-Men First Class, Fargo and A fish Called Wanda. Just grand. Tried to stay awake until my usual bed time but I collapsed at 9pm into my warm comfy bed at the Luxe Hotel. Yesterday I wandered around the city and made it to Pershing Square, MOCA and the Disney Concert Hall. Los Angeles’s city centre is so different to European city centres. Its very much a ghost town with a few tourists walking around, but most people use either cars, the bus service or skateboards (on the road). I was lucky enough to see a skateboarding video shoot possibly for youtube, and a photoshoot for weddings at the Disney Concert Hall. Here are some photos of my expedition:


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So yes it is completely different to anything I’ve ever experienced. And its huge! Also I’ve just seen on the news there is a forest fire near the Santa Clarita area. Nervous times. Its supposed to rain very soon though, 4pm will hopefully see the forest fire subside.