Honey, I put various pieces of our house into hexagon shaped boxes



For my part in the exhibition “Occupied” I have decided to opt for making all new work. I was interested in documenting the credit crunch and how it affected the world and how people thought during it. It was my decision to honour the abstract sometimes even absurd thoughts when people are put in a crisis such as the one we are in just now. These, often described, silly ideas are quickly discarded but I thought it was a nice thing to bring attention to them in a way which might be accessible and easy to comprehend. This plays nicely along with the concept of us using a shop unit to exhibit our work.

The first pieces I developed was a variety of bank notes sold for their face price. I thought this was interesting as it seems the queen had already thought of it (or at least I thought she had, but I couldnt find anything on the internet about it). But i decided to opt for a more domestic production line. Instead of printing the notes I used items around my house for two reasons; to give the piece context in the financial climate, not spending money on printing presses etc; and also to give it that homemade feel, as if the viewer had made it themselves. From a variety of banknotes I have made several traces including one pound notes which will all be sold at their face value ie £1 drawings will be sold for £1. Here are some of them I have done already:

SANY0559SANY0557SANY0558So yeah, I’m feeling good about this one.

And now I’m off to update the other past with a map of where the exhibition is