We’re not in Love


We’re not in love

We can try to think it over,

but once is twice enough,

there’s nothing left for you to recover,

we’re not in love.

How to finish this quickly dear,

this just doesn’t function, we’ve been too long at this junction,

Felt your arms surrounding me, no more this morbid rupture,

we’re not in love.


If you want me baby, dance with me

dance with me, dance with me

Our story’s cold dear, you don’t belong here,

Had enough, we’re not in love

If you want me baby, dance with me

dance with me, dance with me,

You just amaze me, you shouldn’t phase me,

Had enough, we’re not in love.

Do you know what I really mean?

This overbearing fantasising, to you I’m emphasising,

Every tender kiss tastes like poison

We’re not in love.

We suffered in our heartache,

Blessings from above, not enough

Apologies for the heartbreak,

we’re not in love



I want to get away from you dear

Please don’t come back here anymore






Philip Glass and BODYPUMP 67 back track

A video piece which I am trying to get sorted in my head:

Instructions- Turn both videos on at the same time but mute the bodypump video.

I recently attended a performance of Music with Changing Parts at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow. The performance lasted one hour and five minutes and created an amazing space. It totally reminded me of trance songs and sort of club like setting.

I think I’ve been inspired to make sounds.